Welcome To Stoney Lake Textiles, My Little Textile Studio In the Trees
Welcome To Stoney Lake Textiles, My Little Textile Studio In the Trees
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A Little More About Stoney Lake Textiles

Stoney Lake Textiles is a home based sewing and textile design shop.

Every Stoney Lake Textiles product is handmade by me in my little studio on the second floor of our Log Cabin located in the Kawarthas, Ontario Canada

 I’ve had a life long love for all things fabric, textiles and design.  Although I’ve been sewing for decades I only started my studio after an early retirement from working in eduction in 2018. 

Before I started my Stoney Lake Textiles online shops, I sold my products as a vendor at Canada’s One Of A Kind Show in Toronto for a few years. 

My One Of A Kind shop specialized in turning my hand printed textiles into every day homewares including Decor Pillows, Kimonos, Quilts, Children’s Decor and Tote Bags. 

Being a One Of A Kind Show Vendor was an incredible commitment and a lot of hard work but it allowed me to focus on developing my creative process, learning how to manage large scale production for selling to a broader market and honing my small business skills.

One Of A Kind Show 2017 

One of A Kind Show

 One Of A Kind Show 2018


Etsy Shop: 

Even though I’ve been an Etsy member since 206, I officially opened my Stoney Lake Textiles Etsy Shop in 2019. I’m so proud of selling over 700 items since I opened my shop. All of my items are handmade entirely by me. So that’s a lot of sales for a one woman making team.  

Shopify Shop :

I launched my Website on the Shopify platform  in July 2020 to increase my market and to add different payment options for my customers. I like flexibility my website provides me in listing my products and adding a wider range of purchasing options  

When I’m not sewing or printing textiles, I’m busy in my gardens or working on our little Log Cabin refurbishment  

My little plant addiction.